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Update: 10/04/2014The weather this week has been glorious sunshine and once again, camp x has been very active.


Here is Jim G4DRV visiting the site, in view of arranging some contests for those interested throughout the year and Andy M6GND in data-mode using a Clansaman.

BHRS 09-04-14 sm The Racal 8m on a green radio antenna pole that Andy is getting a dab hand at putting together in a short on the field. Having such a great site to experiment with antennas from, is a great advantage.

RACAL 8m 1a sm

RACAL 8m 1c smAndy’s data-mode results, working with the antenna set above and a definite improvement achieved.

jt65 20140409 BHRS pskreporter 817 smThe Green Radio is just one our clubs interests and if you are into green radio and Land Rovers, why not join our club and join in with the fun.

Club membership is just £20.00 inclusive with no extra costs, except 30p for a cup coffee, if you wish to attend our monthly rag chew and guest speaker presentation.

Please use the contact form for more information.


Our April monthly meeting and presentation given by Chris G4ZCS went very well and was enjoyed by all.

A big thank you from all present, goes out to Chris G4ZCS for his time and the knowledge he shared.

Chris spoke about sending and receiving QSL cards the old fashion way and then through new EQSL methods and about the currently available call logging software Logger32 that make the whole process considerably easier. He stressed though that some contest still require a card to be sent out through the normal channels.

Yet more sunny days up on the camp x site and its cooking is charcoal instead of cooking on charcoal time. Note the smoke effects.

BHRS 05-04-14 cookingsmOn the theme of smoke a BIG thank you goes out to a local company Seafire 2000 for their donation of two fit for purpose and approved fire extinguishers, for both of our shacks.


DSCN7995 smMore experiments with rigs and antennas and Andy M6GND tried out a dipole.

BHRS 05-04-14 asmall

Our previous front page articles have moved to a 2014 archive blog, under the website heading of blogs, please take a look.

 About Our Club:

Welcome to the Southdown Amateur Radio Society.

Our radio club moves closer to its 50th anniversary, being established in 1967 at the Gilda Café, in Polegate.

We are a forward thinking and proactive club and our club welcomes new members with an interest in all aspects of radio communications, electronics and computing.


We have a diverse membership of licensed Amateurs at all levels and Short Wave Listeners.

So why not come along to one of our club’s monthly meetings for an informal chat with a friendly group of people of all ages and see what we can offer….

Our monthly meets have a guest speaker and advise can be sought out on all aspects of radio/electronics.

Some of our members specialize in the repair of old radio equipment and others in electronics.

You can find more details about our meeting times and our club venue, in the About Us and Calendar section. 

Please use our Contacts Page web form for further information about our club and inquiries.