July 2015 Club Meeting

Here is another short update and news report on our clubs activities and forthcoming events.

This month clubs meeting was a bring and tell, that went remarkable well. Our club rooms have lots of tables, so they are ideal for such an event and members can lay out what they have brought along before the meeting starts.

As you will see in the pictures below there was a wide range items brought along, although weight and size, limit such an event. We plan to have more of these types meetings and maybe one as a challenge on best build, as we did many years ago.

Leave your ideas for club events/meetings on our websites forum.

Any club member that still has problems logging on to our website or operating or forum, please use the websites Contact Form and feedback your anxieties to our admin.

Talking of Admins we now have Tom Pitcher M6ONX on board helping with our ever changing website with hopefully some great content, coming up to our clubs 50th anniversary in a couple of years time.  Tom is a wizard programmer and the creator of Hamjoint as advertised in our side panel.

The long term plan for our website is to have a large archive of our clubs magazine spanning since its conception for members to download and some old pictures and video of bygone years.

If you have any old pictures or film footage please use the websites Contact Form and we will scan/copy/convert your contributions.

Andy M6GND has been taking some video footage and edited video of our clubs field activities will shortly be available to view.

Next months club meeting is a BBQ and this will probably be held up at our hill site, with all club members and their family invited. The famous East Deane butchers or Tesco’s finest will be on the menu and a small contribution from those who attend would be greatly appreciated.

Tony G3ZQB brought along a model GPS Satellite and a couple of time related items being a time lord. He also brought an original Baygen that are now quite rare.


Jane 2E1PJJ brought along the latest Baofeng GT-3 TP Mark III 136-174/400-520MHz Tri-Power 1/4/8W Two-Way Radio and this rig does everything apart from making a good cup of tea.

Peter G4BLS had gone to pound land and brought what looked a lot like one of those 80’s Sinclair radios and Simon G4BJP brought along his spy radio book collection.

Table two below with  Peter G4BLS, Simon G4BJP and Ray G3AGF

Roberts Radios were the main feature on this table and these old radios were lovingly restored to the point of using a toothbrush to buff up the leather.


Richard M6EYO brought along his radio restore project, some very old Ships Radio Tuning coils and two strange lights dated from the 1940’s. If you have any clues on the lights, use our websites Contact Form to advise.


This was a great contribution with a hat stand being used as a base for inductive loop antenna (our club used have two of these) and this great gizmo was attached to a home built SDR radio (software defined radio)Both made by Simon G0MGA


John G3DQY with his Slim Jim that has restarted a trend with a number of club members constructing and experimenting with this VERY popular 70’s antenna. Who remembers that Halo listening antenna from around the same time?

Anthony G4UPY’s collection of Carpenter and other relays were the feature on this table with GPO 3000 Type down to the minute reed.


A small part below of Barry G4DXU’s mega collection of radio and electronic test equipment and its great to see the workmanship of these old pieces in their wooden boxes with Dove tail joints.

Cametric Precision Wheatstone Bridge & GenRad Automatic LCR bridge with a 0.1% basic accuracy.


Well that’s all for now and more to follow again shortly!

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Late June update

Here is another short update and a report of our participation in last Saturday’s 6m contest up at our Beachy site, where again a good time was had by all.

The weather being June was warm and sunny and Henry 2E0IAK brought along an impressive 6m beam that was assembled, SWR checked and raised on our more than Tennamast, prior to the start of the contest.

This time was just a serious contest practice, in order to discover members interest and the attendance was very good, with little room to park my car on my arrival at the site compound.

Barry G8DXU and Henry 2E0IAK did most of the operating, although I did have a go for a short while and I did some logging using the Minos Contest Logger.

Many call 6m the magic band and I can see why after our success over the weekend with one contact TF3ML/P Iceland 1196.8 Miles, UY1HY @ 1431.7 & UX1UA @ 1309.8 Miles, finally made by Barry G8DXU after much perseverance by both Henry and Barry as this station had a pile up with many many callers. We will of course be submitting an entry and putting SARS on the contest map.

Having cooking facilities and a noise free environment, plus easy access, even for someone with very limited mobility like myself; makes this a fun day out; being a location that is suitable for all types of radio use, as well as the occasional, like this 6m one.

If you are interested in joining in with the fun and joining a very social and relaxed radio club, that has many members, with a wide diversity of radio interests, go to our Contacts Page and inquire.

Here are a few more pictures from the last post and amazingly there were no military vehicles on site last Saturday, however here are some previous recent visits to the sites and some pictures showing the great interests in Land Rovers and vintage vehicles by some of our members.

Seen Below: Another picture from our last club meeting down at our new town venue. On the table was many items printed out using the 3D printer seen in pictures below.


Seen below: A 3D printer that looks a lot like a PC tower.


Seen below: Dr Jon M0JAO in the garden operating his Station Radio C12. This is a very impressive radio and the Dynamotor sounds like there is a Hamster inside when firing up.


Seen below: Again Dr Jon M0JAO through the round window.


Seen below: Our shack in contest mode during the last 2m contest with Andy M6GND logging on Minos and Bary G8DXU operating with an adapted military head set that works very well.


Seen below: Dr Jon M0JAO and Baxter in a 1948 Land Rover.


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Mid June update

Its a late update this month, due to being busy on other projects, however June, so far, has been a very busy month for our radio club with lots going on.

Our monthly meeting went very well, with a very good attendance once again and a display/explanation of a 3D printer by our local Maplins Store.

Having seen one of these devices on line, it was a great opportunity to see one up close and ask questions. The model demonstrated was aimed at the hobby end of the market, so it was very reasonably priced.

More information can be found at your local Maplin Store, so if you are interested in finding out more, pay them a visit.
(see pictures below)

Our outdoor activities are flourishing due to the good weather. As usual our beachy shack has been well attended with much activity going on. As you can see in the pictures below we have had a go at contesting again and are sorting out a home brew beam, as well as using a wide range of radio equipment.

Our club is an active club and attends many local events. Last weekend we had a display down at the vintage car rally in Langley. You can not miss us with our orange tent and an array of antennas. Barry G8DXU set up his Clansman display next to our tent, so all in all, quite an impressive radio display.

If you are interested in joining a very social radio club, that has a wide range of interests/practices from radio to electronics, use our websites Contact Form to inquire.

The radio exams today are easier than ever, with the Foundation level being passed by many at a primary school level; so the opportunity to use the transmitting equipment is open to all. Our club currently has three active trainers who are giving lessons/guidance from Foundation level to Advanced. Use the websites Contact Form to inquire.

Seen below: Another sunny day up at our beachy site with Barry G8DXU and Andy M6GND setting up the antennas.


Seen below: Another one of the vintage Land Rover collection.


Seen below: Maplin staff and our 3D printer demonstration. Low level software/cad can be found on line for free making this a viable a new hobby to experiment with at entry level.


More pictures to be posted VERY SOON!

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