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Update: 12/12/2014

Roll up Roll up Stage two of our silent key sale is under-way on the Auctions page. Its another tender type sale and this one is open to non members too.

Please read our terms and conditions of sale BEFORE placing any bids.

Update: 02/12/2014

Winter draws on and our clubs end of year meeting turned out to be a bumper turn out, being full of Christmas cheer and a good time was had by all.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to those that took the time to prepare food and those like myself that brought food along already prepared.

Again food and alcohol was in abundance, although I stuck to the savory side and a small glass of wine and coffee as I was driving.

It certainly makes it much easier for transport, now that our club room is situated very close to the town centre; being close to buses and trains. This year more members were able to enjoy a Christmas bevy.

On going through our clubs archives, I have found a pile of old Devonshire Awards. These were presented to club members that managed to make radio contact with six other southdown members, over the Christmas period. These are old certificates and a small piece of our clubs history, so why not give it a go. Register your results through our websites contact form.

I wish all a very happy Christmas and happy New Year.

Update: 29/11/2014

the passing
Well done to both Richard and Tom, seen in the pictures below for passing their Foundation License first time. There will be two new call signs in the call book very shortly. 

Update: 27/11/2014

Here is Part One of a bumper update of a very busy month within the Southdown radio club community.

Our weekly meetings up at our X NATO Beachy Head Shack average around 6 to 8 club members in attendance, however some meetings well exceed this number as did this week’s Wednesday Radio Extravaganza!

If there was one word to describe the atmosphere this Wednesday, I would say it would be BUZZING

The day started off with a meet down at the Cafe Continental and for high standards, consistency of food and great service I would give this small family run cafe a FIVE STAR rating. More often than not we fill up a table and the owner moves another table over to accommodate us.

Great food, great prices and a great service….

Above: The chips are down and there is no need to spill the beans here as the plates have plenty of capacity.


Above: On reflection I seem to be in this photo and behind Mike M6PDI, stands the cafe owner. I would well recommend giving the 5 star Cafe Continental a visit, when you are down the Seaside area and sample their excellent food.

Moving along on from the HAM EATER radio side of our club to the social side.


Our club’s ethos is to come along and follow your interests; not at the expense and detriment but to the enjoyment of others. This ideology works very well, and our Care and Share approach helps greatly with our club’s feelgood factor as seen in many of the photos.

Above: Amateurs in the mist and they are more often spotted after feeding times and when the YL (young lady) is preoccupied with her favorite pastime which is shopping for clothes.

Yet another great turn out above, on a very mild but misty afternoon towards the end of November. From left to right Barry Chuter, Barry G8DXU, Richard SWL, John G4JHD, Mike M6PDI, Tony G3ZQB, Henry 2E0IAK, Tom SWL, Dave G4XXM and Graham G6MAR, not forgetting Baxter G4AWALK.

Being an extremely mild November day our Beachy Head shack was packed to the rafters and it put a whole new meaning to the words Tuna Tin Radio!

There was a veritable fleet of LandRovers and off-road vehicles parked up, giving the site a very rustic and countryside feel. 


Mike M6PDI and his off road 4×4. Makes the trips over the muddy fields with ease. 

Some of our trips have involved cooking onsite and there has been a wide range of food that has been cooked from the military meals ready-to-eat rations that have been kindly provided by Barry G8DXU and Henry 2E1IAK, as well as some very naughty mega-doorstep bacon, sausage and egg sandwiches.


Above: A food extravaganza and a mega pack of meals ready to eat consumed early this year with a dash of coconut oil flavoring and some baked beans added. Like on Oliver, many came back with their bowls for more. 

The setting up process of moving the radios and equipment from the cars onto the empty benches takes around 20 minutes, along with the winding up of the more than a tenner mast, the clansman dipole, the J beam and other antennas.




This Wednesday Graham G6MAR, Andy M6GND and Henry 2E1IAK busied themselves exploring and setting up data on all modes including SSTV using Laptops, Android devices and some very impressive transceivers. Barry G8DXU and Dave G4XXM set up some test equipment and provided some invaluable technical advice on rig alignment. Barry G8DXU, Henry 2E1IAK and Andy M6GND also brought along the regular array of military clansman radios.

test gear
Above: Barry G8DXU brought up some more very impressive test gear and some military radios, mixing the old with the new.

Tony G3ZQB and John G4JHD operated on 2m through the J-Beam and as usual got some great contacts running less than 25W!

Tom, currently a SWL and soon to take his Foundation Exam, helped us set up one of the club’s PCs with a Linux OS, the open-source ethos goes along well with the running of our club which also provides facilities for those interested in enjoying the wide diversity of both the Amateur Radio and Electronics hobbies.


Above: Tom and Dave G4XXM are launching Hamjoint very shortly and its launch will be advertised here when it goes live.

Above: The radio and electrical interference in towns is often S5 and above and in some areas amateur radio is being drowned out by the non regulation of an ever growing number of cheaply built devices.

Our Beachy Head hill site is GREAT for VHF/UHF and above due to its height elevation, and is also GREAT for HF contacts due to the exceptionally low background noise, the site being well away from all those noise producing modems and the electrical equipment etc found down in the towns.



If you are active in either the Radio or Electronics hobbies and wish to join in with the fun and share your interests with others, and learn from others, why not join up and come along? Our club is forward thinking with much diversity, including the full integration of computing and amateur radio. There is also a strong Mobile, QRP, Vintage and Military/specialist radio side to the club. Two words sum up the atmosphere within the club and they are “VERY SOCIAL” and another word I would also add would be FUN!

Signing clear webmaster…. seen below on a good day.


Our silent key members only section is now over, however the remaining items will open to the public in another sale to follow shortly.

Please check back regular for updates.

Any questions on the above please use the website contact form.


Santa has gone mobile this year and he has an important message for his YL, saying it looks like rain dear. Its the normal club quiz time and bring along your food/drink donations and eat/share them whilst having a good time.

With better local bus connections to our new club rooms, down town, there is more of an opportunity to have a tipple on this occasion and get in the festive spirit.

Our last club meeting went very well and it was great to see such a good turn out and the many new joiners.

At the last meeting on November –3rd  Barry G8DXU spoke about Clansman Radio Field Test and Repair Kits..

There was a short photographic presentation on Radio Test   equipment, covering instruments used in British Army workshops and by manufacturers. Barry talked about models of instruments from Marconi, HP, Bird and other well known manufacturers. Tracing the evolution from early 1970s valve equipment, such as the Marconi TF144H to the sophisticated 2955B Radiocommunications Test Set.

There was a recap on standard methods for the correct measurement of RF power, Frequency, Deviation and receiver SINAD performance. The session ended with questions and members being invited to examine many examples of MOD Field Test Kits. High-end test gear including a Marconi  2955B and (Agilent) 2030 1.35GHz RF Generator were also on show. 


Update: 03/11/2014

A new page has been added to our website called Auction Room, please use the spread sheet on this page to track an auction contents and its bids.

Please use the websites contact form, to place your bids and you will be advised if you have the top bid or need to bid higher.

The terms and conditions of each auction, will be clearly stated on the auction page. If you have any questions, please use the websites contact form to ask them.

Feedback can be left in the clubs forum.

Update: 02/11/2014

Our Satruday’s session up at the Beachy site went very well and a good time was had by all.

Satruday’s meeting was more HAM than RADIO, with a massive fry up of food, that took a while to cook up and eat. Chef of the day was Barry G8DXU and the food was well cooked.

Tom brought along some freshly laid eggs from his chickens and our rolls and sandwiches were SUPER doorstep size!

Even Baxter had table manners and chewed his food well.

Copious tea and coffee followed and our shack went into a sociable ragchew mode. We put up the 2m beam and the signals from the beacons were strong and the 10m band was open, with American hams making the trip across the pond.

Andy M6GND spoke with Tom and Richard on data-mode and Barry G8DXU and Dave G4XXM explored some test equipment.



Launching VERY shortly! Follow the link below and sign up now.

Hamjoint is a new online trading and auction platform, dedicated to amateur radio and electronics.

100% of our net income goes directly to the Hamjoint Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and prosperity of amateur radio.

Hamjoint’s operation is sustained through a small percentage taken from every sale made via our auction service. This funds our operation, after which all surplus revenue is reinvested into the amateur radio community.

See more on the Hamjoint website and sign up now. HERE

Update: 23/10/2014

Our Wednesday meetings down at the Cafe Continental and Beachy site were very well attended with the cafe owner kindly extending our table and proving more seats for his excellent and amazing low priced food.

The Beachy site was packed once again and Barry G8DXU brought along and tested out some newly purchased test equipment, to show all those interested.

We have two empty benches on the site that members can bring their own rigs and equipment, along to be used up on site.

Below you will see Mike M6PDI having a go over the radio and talking with a G3 station. Our club’s atmosphere is very relaxed, so getting to grips and having a go with the equipment and protocol becomes fun, rather than a challenge.

Our longest distance communication for the day made by Barry G8DXU was EI3KD county Cork locator IO51vw. This contact turned out to be an impressive 376.1 miles!

Again working conditions from this site were excellent with a slight lift on and stronger signals being received off of the test beacons we check at the start of each operation.

mike and G3
Seen above, Mike M6PDI having one of his first QSO’s since passing his M6 license, speaking with a G3 station.

test eq 3
Seen above, Graham G6MAR in the blue jacket, Richard SWL without Baxter (fetcher of sticks) sitting behind him and Henry 2E0IAK and Tony G3QZB by the door.

Graham AndyH

 Seen above Andy M6GND and Graham G6MAR discussing data mode.

Light on laptop

Seen above, the laptop batteries were low and Andy M6GND turned the brightness down, however Henry 2E0IAK is always prepared and he provides extra light with a £2 led light!

rag chew
Seen above, Agnes M6MEU, Tony G3ZQB, Henry 2E0IAK and myself having our twice weekly rag chew. Mike M6PDI, Graham M6MAR, John G4JHD, Barry G8DXU, Andy M6GND and Richard are out of camera shot.

andy software
Andy M6GND and Henry 2E0IAK installing some software controlled radio program.

Our club is a friendly one and has a relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested in Amateur Radio and/or electronics why not come and join us all in this very absorbing and social hobby….

Update: 19/10/2014

Our Saturday trip up to the beachy shack went very well and the weather was warm enough to wear a t-shirt for best part of the day. We focused on the HF bands and a few local VHF contacts were made.

More photos from last weeks beachy experience. The first being of a rather impressive drone with the latest Sony fun cam strapped underneath.

drone one
This device has a built in GPS so when it looses connection with the control unit it will fly back to it’s start location.

drone two
The drone in flight with the sheep grazing below. This small drone went so far up into the sky it disappeared for a while and took photos of passing planes. (just kidding) It went up very high though.

We do diversify or diversifly from radio occasionally and have been known to do more rag chew than radio.

tuner radio
Here is the southdown equivalent of tuna tin radio, with all seats full in a packed out cabin. 

Finally Tony G3ZQB making another long distance communication and wearing headphones to cope with the local QRM. The distances worked from this hill site are very impressive and they are achieved on a low wattage.

If you are interested in electronics and radio, come along and join our sociable club of like minded souls. See the joining and membership page or post a request through the contact page.


Update: 16/10/2014

And the beat goes on with yet another busy weekend and Wednesday up on the hill.

Henry 2E0IAK brought along one his of SEMI portable radios; see our BLOG for more details and we tucked into a LARGE meals ready to eat mince beef and onions, supplied by Henry, that Barry G8DXU with his cooking expertise, added some coconut milk and baked beans too and despite its despicable appearance, it tasted OK and dare I say many went back for seconds.



Above – Henry’s SEMI portable radio, now that’s an impressive piece of radio gear!

Our Wednesday meetup….

Our Wednesday meeting down at the Cafe Continental was VERY busy

and the owner kindly joined up several tables to seat our ever growing group that are meeting up for a wonderfully cooked meal/breakfast at very reasonable prices.

Again our hill site was very well attended and we worked several long distant stations on USB VHF, running the usual 20 to 30 watts through a 1970’s Jay Beam.

These meetups are great for a ragchew (chat) and they provide an opportunity to operate from a noise free remote location, that has excellent performance across all bands and modes of communication.

I have just come across some old newspaper clippings going back to the 60’s and I will be building the clubs archive in the members section, shortly, after these old clippings are scanned and made clearer to view.

If you have any old picture or articles on amateur radio based within the Eastbourne area, we would be most interested to including them within a presentation being prepared for our 50th anniversary year.

Perhaps you had a family member who was a radio enthusiast and a member of the local radio club in bygone days?

Contact me via our websites contact form if you can add to our by gone days collection.

Another Archive from our front page

Update: 07/10/2014 David Cunningham’s Talk about his life in the world of commercial radio and its technological changes over the years, went very well and was enjoyed by all. What more can I say, other than that Davids presentation was of a broadcast quality. It was good to see our club room packed out, once …

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Beachy Head (Camp X) Report on recent activities.

Saturday the 11th of October started with an early arrival at BHRS and the intention of calling into the VMARS 80m AM net at 0830. The weather was not particularly helpful with a strong wind and driving rain slowing progress in deploying the inverted V dipole. The 2 metre ten element beam had also sustained a broken director …

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Wednesday 24th at BHRS

Wednesday afternoon saw the regular gathering at the Café Continental for food and refreshments, before heading to Beachy Head. Barry G8DXU and Mike M6PDI were joined by Dave G4XXM and Tom. Suitably fed and watered we proceeded to  BHRS where Mike opened the gates and shack, whilst Barry waited for Tom to arrive at the top gate. The 2 …

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Foundation Practical Training at BHRS

SARS newly registered assessor Barry G8DXU held a Foundation Licence practical training session at Beachy Head Radio Site on Saturday 20th September. New member Tom Pitcher attended the one to one instruction session, which started with Tom helping to erect the 2 metre beam and HF Dipole. The photograph shows Tom (on right) and Dave G4XXM …

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