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NOTE: There are regular updates on our clubs activities, in addition to the front page diary.

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If you have any interesting articles, photos, film footage, relating to amateur radio and would like to see/share them on line.

Drop me a line via the contact page. Our club has been active in the town, since the mid 60′a and it would be good to build a picture library.

Steve M3EVM Webmaster

Next month’s club meeting – September 1st – Bats, Those little fury things – by Jenny Clarke of the Sussex Bat Group.

What have bats to do with radio? Bats have their own built in sonar system and Jenny will be demonstrating this with a live bat and a calling/tracking device.

Our new club rooms are very spacious with plenty of tables and chairs so bring along pieces of equipment and demonstrate to others. 

Update: 21/08/2014

Another good day up on the hill, with plenty on interesting contacts on 2m, all modes.

Our day started off with a breakfast down at the Continental Cafe in Seaside and then up on the hill at the Beachy shack.

We set up the beam and wound up our more than a tenner mask, then worked a number of stations from Wales down to Cornwall and finally a station down in Worthing.

All the operators were up for a chin wag, so it was lengthy conversations, all the way through the afternoon.

The weather was mixed and boiling the kettle and closing one of the doors, made the shack toasty warm and still OK for sitting there in T Shirts.

The Hellingly festival of transport is over the coming bank holiday weekend and Tony G3ZQB and Barry G8DXU will be there displaying an old diesel engine and a Military Land Rover full of radio equipment. So do pop over and say hi to them. Link with details below….


Update: 16/08/2014

The logo on our banner above is a copy of an old logo created back in the 1980′s. Over the years coming up to our clubs 50th anniversary, I will be posting as much history as I can find.

The last couple of weeks have seen more visitors up to the beachy site, enjoying the wonderful weather and our fry ups. We are now offering a healthy option with the meals ready to eat infamous biscuit brown.

Seen here from left to right is Tom, Dave G4XXM, John G4JHD, Barry G8DXU and Andy M6GND. Unseen and behind the camera M3EVM.


Here Andy M6GND and John G4JHD are seen putting up one of the guyed military antennas.



Update: 05/08/2014

Last night’s club meeting went very well and Graham Somerville of BHI gave an interesting talk about the development of “Noise reduction systems” and their rang of products. Graham gave a demonstration at the end of the talk using one of our clubs radios and the results were astounding.

The year is flying by and next month it will be the Railways on Air event down at the Eastbourne Miniature Railway. We will be located outside to the right of the main entrance on the lawn.

Our clubs call sign will be GB0EMR

Check out Grahams website…. http://www.bhi-ltd.com/

My picture is a blurred, but will give you a feel of our meeting rooms.

club meeting

Update: 04/08/2014

Its been another fun week out in the fields and up on the downs. Our club took part in the RSGB low power VHF contest.

This was a great practice run and good practice for those new to contesting, like myself.


In total we had 25 contacts throughout the UK and Europe.

Our closest contact being 65 miles away and the furthest contact being 369 miles.

It was odd hearing no other local clubs taking part in the contest and the conditions were generally quiet all around.

Having my first go at contesting, I can see how this could become very addictive and the time passed very quickly.

We had the usual fry up, with sausage, bacon an egg sandwiches all round and in addition, we sampled some WELL out of best before date, meals ready to eat, that said best before 1997!

We sampled some 10 year old malt whisky and I can honestly say this was the first time that the food I was eating was older than than the malt whisky I was drinking.

contest weekend one
contest weekend two
If you are in to contesting our club will be doing more over the coming months and diversifying into more HF and DATA modes. The Beachy Head site is an excellent site for home brew antenna exploration and is noise free throughout all modes….

Update 28/7/2014

Four words that describe this months radio activity and they are


Its been a great month activity wise for our club with some sunny days up at the Beachy Shack; with many new visitors and days out at the rallies and shows.

Here are a few of the photos taken over a month that has seen some of the warmest weather conditions for many years.

The photo Above is not is chronological order, as taken on the 23th, but it speaks volumes and you should had seen the reaction when the Fonz turned up! Old joke, but some oldies might catch on. :O)

Above you see the more often spotted Andy M6GND drinking coffee in the shade, as the temperatures rise up into the 80′s. 

Above Barry G8DXU and Andy M6GND and a short range communication experiment. Note: Andy has no radio, but Barry was still perfectly audible. I was listening too in duplex.

Above our more than a Tennamast with a couple of guys helping us out as there was slight breeze.

tandm1Above Tony G3ZQB and Mike M6PDI who has just passed his foundation exam and is also a member of the 4X4 Raynet support group.

Barry G8DXU seen bellow in the next few pictures, preparing for the War and Peace show with his mods to his Land Rover….

small1Delmonte do only the best pineapples….

Above the guying kit for the RACAL Mast and needless to say this version is not the pneumatic version. :O) It works a wonder, with a pineapple on the end.

Below again some pictures of the war and peace show….

smallsm1G8DXU – The Marconi 2955B test set. There was a lot of interest in my offer to test Clansman radios purchased from dealers on site and also brought to the show.
Last but not least, out of Simon’s picture collection, the fast cooking with Semtex, experiment, that went horribly wrong….

I would recommend using Calor gas or wearing a parachute if you are the chef. :O)

More picture from Barry G8DXU’s collection below….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove, yet more added to the Land Rover above. G8DXU FFR and radio fitting showing VRC353 VHF,VRC321 HF, VRC 322 High Power 250W Amplifier and TUNER RF 250 Watt. VOG is run by Captain (Retired) Mike Buckley M1CCF who provides most for his extensive collection of Army radios.

This was like looking at something out of an impending apocalypse and was very impressive. Some living history displays were blown down, fortunately my 9*9 tent weathered the storm very well and we had already lowered all of the aerials.

WW1 front line reenactment complete with real mud. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove- Johnsons of Leads, Lots of plugs, connectors, Camo netting & a few Clansman Radios. Below  Avis Army Supplies with many inexpensive camping and clothing items. There were large cardboard boxes with clothing for £1.00 per item!:

The price reduced to free at end of show, with some people going away with as much clothing as they could carry, still the dealer did not want to take it back!!


Just a reminder our club rooms are centrally situated with FREE parking in close proximity. (Always read parking rules)

Our clubs atmosphere is relaxed and informal.

Our membership is of all ages and our interests span most areas of radio communication and electronics.

Our radio club has its own radio equipment for use by members without their own equipment.


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The following is just a short report on the activities at BHRS for Saturday 5th July 2014. Andy M6GND opened up the site at midday and set up the Clansman RT353 to monitor 51.60MHz.our usual calling channel. He then connected the Ground Mounted Monopole antenna which is not only very quickly deployed but has proven to …

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BHRS to Drewsteignton Devon

Andy M6GND has summed up this communications exercise very well.  I will however add some detail to explain my reason for going to Dartmoor on this particular occasion and the local conditions. I have made many backpacking trips exploring Dartmoor, some of these with the added weight of a Clansman RT351 or RT320. Although there are …

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BHRS – 07-06-2014

BHRS – As Barry G8DXU was spending the weekend on Dartmoor we planned to attempt Clansman to Clansman contact between Dartmoor and Beachy Head, a distance of around 200 miles (320km), for this we decided to enlist the services of the PRC320 using the AM mode. I had earlier had grandiose plans of deploying the …

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