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Update: 20/04/2014


Another fun day up at the radio site on the downs and the weather was glorious sunshine and my cooking improved somewhat. (See the Blog section for previous pictures and visits to the site.)

Dave G4XXM seen below setting up the logger32 software, mentioned on a previous post on our blog.

19-04-14e SMRay G6IME and Andy M6GND demonstrating data mode through a clansman and laptop.

19-04-14c SMDave G4XXM and Ray G6IME out by the Land Rover and some of the rigs in use throughout the day.

19-04-14f SMDave G4XXM below operating the clansman and speaking to another amateur in Berlin.

As usual there was a lot of local activity on 51.60 MHz FM using mainly Clansman equipment including the VRC353 running into a Ground Mounted Monopole placed on top of the radio hut.

Dave G4XXM worked a number of European stations on 20 metres with the Clansman RT320 on Low power into a Clansman inverted V dipole. 


19-04-14a SMIts amazing what can be found in the cupboard and here is piece of vintage equipment receiving a weather data stream.

The monochrome monitor is displaying RTTY weather reports from the German weather service DDK9 on 10100.8 KHz at 50 baud. The receiver for this being an ICOM IC-M600 Marine Transceiver.


19-04-14h SMAn old Icon marine modified for the amateur bands. The ICOM IC-M600 Marine Transceiver being used for data mode.

19-04-14i SMAs you can see below its a glorious day and what you can see on the roof in an antenna and not a revolving cloths line.
19-04-14g SMYou can see the old data mode equipment on top of the old monitor.
19-04-14b SMAmateur radio has been working with the equivalent of much of latest technology for over the past century and has often used communications equipment well before, its general release into the public domain.

Our club works with a WIDE range of equipment from the cutting edge technology of today, to the vintage equipment of yesteryear.

If you are interested in any aspect of radio why not join in the fun.

Southdown Amateur Radio Society is a very social and active radio club with many members that have spent best part of their lives in a technical role; with much knowledge to share.

Our club is forever expanding with new facilities coming up through out forthcoming year. Keep checking back to find out what’s new.

Our previous front page articles have moved to a 2014 archive blog, under the website heading of blogs, please take a look.

 About Our Club:

Welcome to the Southdown Amateur Radio Society.

Our radio club moves closer to its 50th anniversary, being established in 1967 at the Gilda Café, in Polegate.

We are a forward thinking and proactive club and our club welcomes new members with an interest in all aspects of radio communications, electronics and computing.


We have a diverse membership of licensed Amateurs at all levels and Short Wave Listeners.

So why not come along to one of our club’s monthly meetings for an informal chat with a friendly group of people of all ages and see what we can offer….

Our monthly meets have a guest speaker and advise can be sought out on all aspects of radio/electronics.

Some of our members specialize in the repair of old radio equipment and others in electronics.

You can find more details about our meeting times and our club venue, in the About Us and Calendar section. 

Please use our Contacts Page web form for further information about our club and inquiries.